Who are we?


PCB-FAB is the specialist in the manufacture of technical and hyper-technical printed circuits.

Thanks to a flexible and hyper-reactive organization, PCB-FAB offers you an expert technical service for the design and manufacture of your PCBs.

We offer the shortest manufacturing times with impeccable quality.

PCB-FAB controls the complete production cycle, a complex process requiring control of all processes.

It is therefore a team of engineers and technicians who are at your side to meet the technological challenges that your projects require.

Would you like a quote?

Why choose us ?

Easy and fast

You complete the form with or without your gerber files and our experts will analyze your request and return a quote with several relevant options.

Technical service

We advise, support and verify your PCB definition files. You have questions on stackup, on suitable impedances, on the best techno to design a complex PCB, our team will help you and provide you with support for the feasibility and manufacture of your printed circuits.

Quality PCB

Each order is made with the greatest care and according to European Quality Standards and also for American standards.


Leader in Complexity and High Tech

Our technical and engineering team advises you from design to production.

Whatever the complexity of your project, whatever your market sector, we will find you a solution to make your idea a reality.

With long-standing partners based in France, Switzerland, Taiwan, our unique technical support offers you support on the design, manufacture and assembly of printed circuits.

You come up with the idea, we’ll do the rest.